1 Day Altamar Multimedia Training

How to become more effective visual storytellers?

All photographers, filmmakers & journalists interested in documentary and mixed media work, especially for photographers interested in transforming from shooting stills to documentary multimedia films.

This will be an intensive 1-day workshop addressing the growing importance of multimedia productions in visual storytelling. It will take you through the phases of producing a multimedia, outline the equipment needed, and highlight the essential logistics and planning to be taken into consideration when producing multimedia films. The workshop will dedicate some time to find out which story is the one for you.


The workshop will begin by introducing examples of high level multimedia productions by world-leading photographers, filmmakers and agencies.

Introduction to pre-production and planning of a multimedia project. No need for Hollywood! Creating high quality productions with a small budget. Including: Defining your objectives, gaining access, logistics, equipment and finding your story.

Technical training – optimising the camera
How to “visualise” sound
Mixing medias – When do you shoot pictures and when do you shoot film?
Interviews – Overcoming access barriers such as language, culture, gender, religion

The long road of post-production – importance of team work
Pre-editing preparation: script, audio, visual

Audio Postproduction
Colour post-production

Funding and funding channels
Creating a budget – realistic expectations